Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ALL-IN Program?

The ALL-IN program is a fee per credit hour, billed to your student account, for your course materials such as textbooks. This ensures you will have the best access to the most affordable course materials, because ALL students will have the required course materials for every class. Having your course materials be affordable and accessible means a better environment for learning and success.

What are the program’s benefits?

This program was implemented to address the following points of concerns:

  • Affordability – 47% savings compared to the national average.

  • Easy to understand and budget

  • First day access to required materials

  • Level playing field for all students

What programs are excluded from the program?

The aviation programs are not included in the ALL-IN Program. This is because textbooks are often used for multiple semesters. In this scenario, renting is not the best or most affordable option.

However, students in these programs may still be able to use the ALL-IN Program for their general education courses, electives or prerequisites. Courses specifically for their major are the only ones not included in this program.

How do I get my books?

The bookstore will receive your schedule from the university, and get your books together for you. You can pick them up on the first day of classes at the bookstore. For remote students, there is a shipping option available. The fees can be paid in your student account.

How much does it cost?

The ALL-IN fees will be based by credit hour, and billed to your student account. The fee is $25 per credit hour. The average 3 hour course would be $75. For students taking a 12 hour course load, this will be $300 total.

How does the price of ALL-IN compare to traditional textbook delivery?

The average cost of textbooks for one course at ESCC is around $105. For students taking a 12 hour course load, this is around $420. See above for the average costs of the ALL-IN Program.

The average cost of purchasing textbooks through traditional delivery at ESCC is about $629.

See below for a cost comparison:

Why did ESCC decide to switch from traditional course material delivery, as we have used in the past, to the ALL-IN program?

After a lengthy process of exploring options, we found a few problems with “the traditional way”.

In the past, the cost of course materials has represented a significant challenge. It's no secret that the majority of you groan at the cost of textbooks. We have also found that when course materials have high prices, students are less likely to get their textbooks. We feel it is our responsibility to combat this. So, we came to the conclusion to introduce the ALL-IN Program.

Can I opt out? How?

You can opt out via an online form, email, or phone. Contact Jessica Wendel, for more information.

When can I opt out?

The first day to opt out starts two weeks before classes begin, and the last day to opt out is the last day to drop/add a class.

I dropped or added a class. What now?

For dropped classes, you can head to the bookstore with the book for the class you dropped and return it. For added classes, pick up your course materials for your new class at the bookstore.

Fees will be adjusted accordingly. Please keep in mind the deadlines to drop classes for fee adjustments. These can be found on the school’s academic calendar.

When and how do I return my rentals?

The last day to return rentals is the last day of the semester, December 16th. You can bring these by the bookstore, or ship them.

After the last day to return rentals, late fees will apply for one week. One week past the due date, we will be charging the remaining balance to “buy out” the book – the total cost of the book minus the rental fee you already paid. If we cannot collect the balance, we will turn these over to collections at the end of the fiscal year.

What if I want to keep my textbook?

You are able to “buy out” your rental by paying the remaining balance. This will be the total cost of the book, minus the rental fee you have already paid. You can do this at the bookstore in person or over the phone.

What if I have more questions?

Additional questions can be directed to Jessica Wendel,